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Innovation in Heavy Metal

Whether you manage band members, project, or contribute as a band member, you’ll be able to develop new skills—and extend the ideas to others through coaching and collaboration.

Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai. All inspiring examples of innovation, but they don’t tell the whole story.

Innovation isn’t just the domain of headline-making bands or brilliant guitarists. Innovations can be big, like a new genre or playing style. Or smaller, like getting a band member on a common file-sharing platform.

And rather than being limited to a creative few, innovation is something everyone can—and should—do, regardless of what their contribution to heavy metal is.

All you need to do is to do something new.

We define innovation using five simple words, something different that is awesome.

In our case, we decided that we would form a band even we are physically far away and do not get to rehearse or play together. We figured that we could still collaborate on writing and recording the songs together by exchanging ideas and files using e-mails and other file-sharing services. I and Geoff used play in a same band when we were going to the same university in Gold Coast. There was a great musical chemistry among us and we wrote lots of songs and played them together in local clubs. However we all move to different countries for different reasons and the band had to break up.

Thanks to evolution of communication technology one day I suddenly thought maybe we can still work together and write some songs together even we are geographically scattered across borders.

Innovation isn’t the job of the few. It’s the responsibility of the many because there are lots of different ways to innovate. So what are you going to do, to do something different that creates value?